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Create and grow your unique digital company 

With Launchr GmbH, your idea of a digital startup becomes reality. Together with you, we develop your digital products and accompany you throughout the entire process. 

With the help of our team of experts, from the development to the marketing and positioning of your product in the digital world, we embrace each of your ideas and realize your vision. 

Fixed Price Projects

Receive on time

Fast work turnaround

Web Design

We will design and customize your website according to your requirements and vision. Our web designers will deliver a professional and eye-catching design that will mirror your company vision 


We will help you to communicate the essence of your brand, creating a truly unique identity. 

We are driven by values

Integrity, accountability and ingenuity are amongst other values imprinted into our company DNA. We have internalized a value-driven business model which creates a positive environment for our team and our clients to thrive in the best way imaginable.

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